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Fama crescit eundo

My main "fortress" (i.e. the site I personally update and regularly check) sits on my Australian friend Peter's unix server, where http://www.searchlores.org resolves to.
For Europe you are encouraged to use the swiss mirror of my friend Luc, though, where http://www.fravia.com resolves to.

I hope to remain undisturbed on these servers - non convalescit planta quae saepius transfertur - but I'll redirect the domains if needs be, so use always http://www.searchlores.org or http://www.fravia.com if you wish to link.

Note also that fravia.org does not resolve any more to my sites: the domain has been stolen by some clown.

There is a third domain: http://www.searchlore.org, (note the missing s in lore) that points to a very fast and separate server in the States, provided by my friend +Forseti: should searchlores.org (or fravia.com) be temporary down, you may just 'cut the last s' and connect immediately to searchlore.org, which corresponds to +Forseti's synchronized mirror.
All other occurrences of my site around the web are just teleported copies of my site.

Other friends, for instance, provide mirrors that are updated less frequently:
Of course there are also several 'unofficial' "one-shot" mirrors, for instance Daniel's Benzedrine's (racemic amphetamine sulfate) at http://www.benzedrine.cx/mirror/fravia/htm/ (updated in 2001 :-), or http://tor.at/resources/computer/net/internet/www/search/www.searchlores.org/index.html (updated more than 3 years ago :-)

There are even more strange examples of mirrors, like the japanese one at gate/nogate that will give you the source at once...

As a matter of fact there's something to learn here as well... in fact as you'll discover such 'unofficial' mirrors may actually be quite interesting for simple stalking purposes: such servers, being somehow 'careless', will allow you - often enough - some access possibilities to any listing of directories, or files you may wish to peruse... :-)

Also you can of course always check the evolution of a given site (mine as well) checking the web archives for a given page.
This said, noone can check the whole web alone. Please report to me any 'weird' occurrence of my site you may have found on the copycatting void that we call Internet :-)

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