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Updated September 2004

You should not underestimate the importance of this section of searchlores.
There is an INCREDIBLE wealth of searching knowledge inside the following essays. Your time invested in reading them will be paid back in spades (of course with the only value we recognize: knowledge).    Beware of your own ignorance. The reasons we fail to learn are complacency, misplaced priorities, or the misperception that we already know everything... some people are always "too busy to learn" (or they're watching reruns on TV). Some of the following contributions may be more valuable than others, yet all of them bear real perls of seeking wisdom within.

This section of searchlores is extremely instructured: Diruit, aedificat, mutat quadrata rotundis. Some older links are still missing. Some essays should be moved to the images section, to the accmail part or to the anonymity part of my site, and some other should go elsewhere. This is a "central cauldron" of searching essays. Some may become obsolete, other are perennial. Bear with me :-)

[The golden essays] [Older essays, tools and papers] [Re-ranking trilogy]
[Fravia's lessons] [Robin Hood's stratagems] [Surreal5's search tips]
[Cassandra's search engines] [The_Seeker's "Accmail update"]
[Fiat Lux's "Common knowledge tips"]
[Essays about proxying]

The golden essays
A wealth of knowledge at your disposal!

  • [mala_power.htm]: Powerbrowsing!
    by +Mala
    What every seeker should know
    PowerBrowsing means browsing the Web seeing only what you chose to see. Even if this might seem an easy thing to do, it is not and it will become harder and harder in the future... unless, of course, you become "PowerBrowsers"
    September 2004

  • [p2P_shin.htm]: The crazy world of P2P applications or How I learned to hate KaZaA but love eMule
    These people must think we all are complete idiots (and they just might be right!)"
    by shinohara, September 2004, part of the [P2P] and of the [essays] sections

  • [eurosearch.htm]: Das grosse européenne bellissimo search
    by fravia+ (Taking advantage of free polylinguistic tools when searching)
    Part of the searching essays and of the Seekers' Linguistic Station sections. ~ September 2004
    "The importance of this both for queries that start in a language different from english (and of course need the english equivalent to be effective on the web) and also at the same time for queries that start in english but often enough badly need some opening to other languages should not be underestimated. So do not underestimate it :-)"

  • [blog.htm]: Searching among Internet Blogs for Information
    by Fravia+
    Part of the searching essays & evaluating results sections. ~ July 2004
    "By allowing anyone to get his hands on the means of production - to write, produce and publish his own content without needing an editor or publisher, blogs may threaten the traditional media's hold over the spread of information and ideas.
    Unfortunately enough, many bloggers are just bitchy individuals with some axes to grind, unable of rising above their immediate concerns and personal prejudices and not capable of weighing up the facts. Moreover, alas, there are many more bigot right-oriented bloggers as one would deem possible in a medium, like the Internet where even idiots can find real (and professional) information pretty easily

  • [sehisinf.htm]: Searching the Internet For Historical Information
    by Stevieo
    Part of the searching essays & evaluating results sections. ~ July 2004
    "Stevieo: Historical information can be hard to find on the internet. This paper starts by listing a few of these difficulties. The rest is a live experiment where I try to figure out how to do historical research using the internet. I hope to provide some tips to help others do research on the internet. I also hope anyone reading this will offer their ideas and solutions. "

  • [geotrust.htm]: Exploring eCommerce websites backed by GeoTrust
    by Anonymous Lee, part of the essays.htm section.
    "An astonishing discovery: GeoTrust encourages its clients to bounce the credit card transaction from the buyers browser! Unbelievable stupid way of clearing a credit card. This opens the door for anyone with half way programming skill to compromise the response and order products and services from the merchant without actually paying for it" ~ April 2004

  • [persistence.htm]: The importance of persistence: a case study
    by ~S~ Mordred and Jeff, part of the essays.htm & images.htm sections. "Images searching" Lore
    "And the MOST funny part is, that had I taken the keyword path in its description fork (describing the image itself) it would be there at once" ~ March 2004

  • [inktomi.htm]: Inktomi's search syntax
    by ~S~ Nemo, part of the essays.htm section.
    "Inktomi is one of the best search engines out there. Unfortunately its search syntax is not well documented, which is a pity, because Inktomi offers one of the richest search syntaxes, with lots of unique features and a ranking algo which works often quite well" "Our Tools" Lore ~ February 2004

  • [cinix_run.htm]: There is never just 'one' way
    by ~S~ Cinix, part of the essays.htm section.
    Learning a browser new tricks ~ 'Sit', 'roll over' and 'play dead'
    Magic Tool Lore ~ January 2004
    "A ~S~ most important tool is without a doubt his browser, nearly all other tools are used in order to complement it. So we will try to optimize the way we use (or abuse) our browser by teaching it some new tricks."

  • [ebook_21]: Ebook webbits: an unabridged discussion.
    by VVAA, part of [Catching web-rabbits]: (Catching the rabbit's ears & pulling files out of the hat), itself part of the [Essays]. Pearls of ebook seeking wisdoms ~ September 2003
    "I usualy do NOT -eliminate book sellers right away, because sometimes they have excerpts of TEXT of the book being sought... text can of course be the direct way to find those peoples who have put the book online and thus filter out all of the useless/camouflaged/ Title returns."

  • [lipirads.htm]: Anonymous Authentication - or - Where the ADS are
    by Will Lipira, part of the [Searching essays] and of the [Antiadvertisement Lab].
    "I decided to go back into my hosts file and peruse a few more intrusive advertising sites. Every single bloody one I checked used IIS (I checked about 30 or so)" HOST! ~ Mai 2003

  • [cinix_fla.htm]: Password Busting: SWF Protections (Getting access in a flash)
    by ~S~ Cinix, February 2003, part of the [Searching essays] and of the [Passwords lore].
    "In 97% of the cases a simple text-scan will give you the unencrypted password, username or a backdoor url... since most protections have them hardcoded inside the Flash" searching hidden entrances!

  • [irc_kane.htm]: Internet Relay Chat Anonymity
    by ~S~ Kane, February 2003, part of the [essays] and of the [Anonymity lore for beginners].   Primary goal: being anonymous while searching for files on IRC. Secondary goal is to allow you to stay anonymous while searching for information by whatever means necessary, be that trolling or stalking or other methods. searching in the shadows

  • [son_font.htm]: An essay on identifying and getting ahold of fonts
    by ~S~ sonof, february 2003, part of the [Essays], of the [pdf], and of the [Targets] sections.
    With a script to extract fonts from pdf files

  • [london/lea2tra.htm]: Learning to transform questions into effective queries
    by ~S~ fravia+, February 2003, part of the [Essays], of the [evaluation] section and of my London workshop preparation.
    7 questions: quis, quid, ubi, quibus auxiliis, cur, quomodo, quando?

  • [nemo_SEO.htm]: Search Engines Anti-Optimization (Get your own stop words!)
    by ~S~ Nemo, january 2003, part of the [Essays]. Advanced Web searching tricks
    Bookmarklets to the rescue! "The idea is to build a list of the words appearing in the search results, with their relative frequency, so that you can spot at once the most unwanted keywords... Ironically the SEO-webmaster's obsession to optimize their webpages, using every possible keywords associated to their content, simplifies our task: avoiding them" :-)

  • [loki_mil.htm]: Fishing for troubles (About the careless spreading of field manuals and other military documentation on the web)
    by ~S~ Loki, January 2003, part of the [Essays]. Searching power!
    "Most of the information isn't really hidden. It's there, not so far from us, but under a ton of noisy, unrelated, data. The major difficulty you face while hunting data is not of technical type, but is more cognitive. You are limited by your IMAGINATION"

  • [909Essay.htm]: Elusive angles: dark 909 - light z404 search ~ ("I have a couple of searches myself that I've begun maybe 2 years ago. One of them I was able to complete in one hour or so when I resumed it after the 909 ordeal:)"
    by ~S~ vvf and ~S~ Jeff, December 2002, part of the [Essays]. Wizard searching!

  • [netsca7.htm]: Reviewing the new Netscape ver 7
    (" Of course, when starting, I chose the custom install, not the default one. I ALWAYS choose the custom install anyway when installing any NEW soft, since I DO NOT trust ANY software's default installation")
    by Angela Natiash, part of the [Essays].

  • [dawicra.htm]: Dancing With Crawlers (An essay about making websites both search-engine friendly and accessible, without sacrificing 'cool' design)
    by Dan Ciammaichella, part of the [Essays].

  • [rabbits]: Catching web-rabbits (Catching the rabbit's ears & pulling files out of the hat )
    by VVAA, November 2002 part of the [Essays]. Advanced Web searching tricks ~ Magical searching
    "Q: In the case of serials, how do you avoid commercial idiots? A: Using a working serial as a bait, if possible related with your serial search."

  • [rea_kane.htm]: Eliminating the evil real player
    by ~S~ Kane, November 2002, part of the [essays], and of the [malware] sections.   (it was about time that some reverser would 'solve' the problems caused by the spyware known as Real player. Here is the solution. Read and enjoy :-)

  • [frav_lea.htm]: How did they vote? Learning from our American friends
    by ~S~ fravia+, November 2002, part of the [essays].   (Grass root organisations & civil society buffs will appreciate the "accountability" possibilities opened here: searching the web and fighting for a better world do finally slowly integrate :-)

  • [fly_wiz.htm]: The amazing flying wizards (How a bunch of leet seekers enters databases)
    by VVAA, November 2002, part of the [Essays].  "well sonofabeehive ... google lists a number of members... lets snatch the very first one's email address and try it"

  • [frav_eu1.htm]: Zapping a huge database (How to access ANY European Union document)
    by il-li, October 2002, part of the [essays].
    "Grass root organisations, civil society buffs and fellow linguists will appreciate the possibility to link, read, search and use ALL the European Union documentation for free"

  • [ar1essay.htm]: The "index +of" seekers' trick (some web-searching knowledge, worked out and folded toghether)
    by ~S~ aapje & ~S~ ritz, september 2002, part of the [essays].
    "This query is used to find so called "open directories", by searching for certain standard-keywords that almost always appear in the server-generated pages of such directories..."

  • [ritz__3.htm]: javascript bookmark tricks (enhance your search experience ;)
    by ~S~ ritz, September 2002, part of the [essays].
    "did you know you can use javascript in your url-line or in a bookmark to add even more searching functionality to opera [or any other browser]?"

  • [norlight.htm]: Northernlight: For SALE: Your Work (FREEing up a Search Engine)
    by ~S~ Jeff, September 2002, part of the [essays].
    "A wisdom 'rosario': A 'necklace of knowledge', every pearl gently bringing your seekers' fingers to the next one..."

  • [missin_1.htm]: When your search fails (Two software searching experiences)
    by batbin, and Dza Stalinskouyou Konstitoutsiyou, September 2002, part of the [essays].
    "And others who lose out the search and the battle should get up and admit it. Otherwise it's time that is lost most, and time pays."
    ~ Dejavu ver.3.0.21 is not 'out there' (but Dejavu ver.3.0.20 is) ~ Sound forge ver.6 is not 'out there' (but Sound forge ver.5 is)

  • [altosax1.htm]: Follow Links in the Underground
    by altosax, September 2002, part of the [essays].   Avoid popups, redirection and/or tracking links, links pointing to a false location and so on
    "Real searchers must be able to find what they are looking for in the most effective way and when the site is realized to fool the users, they should never have to click onto a link just to discover it is not what they thinked it was"

  • [adq_pdb1.htm]: PDB Information Leakage
    by adq, September 2002, part of the [essays].  Advanced reversing for searching purposes:
    Information leakage discovered during research into Microsoft's Program DataBase (PDB) debugging information files  ~  .LIB files are just AR archives  ~  PdbDump as a tool to check for information leakage

  • [sally_02.htm]: Google has a wild side and you didn't know it! (and other searching tricks)
    by Shally Steckerl, June 2002, part of the [essays].  Advanced searching lore.

  • [drwho_01.htm]: Extension Identification Bug and IE Registry Manipulation
    (aka "Screwing ms internet explorer": fundamental lore for seekers seeking revenge :-)
    by Doc~, June 2002, part of the [essays].  Advanced, potentially 'nasty', lore. NOT for beginners.

  • [azfishre.htm]: Review of file-sharing programs
    "There are numerous file-sharing programs and utilites out there available. They are like strong weed, the more the goverment, big corporations, etc try to kill them, the more will appear, and they will be harder and harder to kill"
    by Angela Zaharia, March 2002, part of the [undergro.htm] and of the [essays] sections

  • whitemea.htm: Proxy Logs - The Other White Meat
    by Finn61, March 2002
    part of the combing [section]
    "So now you should have some large lists of URL's you can scan for that hard-to-find document or program"
    Try each and every link given in this essay, and gasp in awe...

  • fuzzy.htm: Using Fuzzy Logic
    by Shally Steckerl, March 2002
    part of the searching [essays]
    "AOL has the little known ability to search with three Boolean Near, which I have used for many years, but also the ability to use the search commands ADJ and W/n"

  • [jeff_sas.htm]: Searching scarcity: Steganography and just-in-time info on the web
    by ~S~ Jeff, December 2001, part of the [searching essays] section.
    "After what seemed a long weekend, and many attempts, using many combinations of search terms gathered as I read hundreds of pages... i finaly brought up what I was looking for"

  • [bullseye.htm]: Hitting The BullsEye
    by ~S~ CiNiX, May 2001.
    "I took a little peek in the 'hidden' engine directory and found about 897 engine files, mucho interesting information for the people that work on the oslse project!"
    part of the [bots] section.

  • [dolmen_2.htm]: Java Bots introduction
    by Dolmen, May 2001.
    "Here is a simple bot that downloads a page from the URL given on the command line and outputs it preceded by the HTTP headers (if it is an http:// URL)"
    part of the [bots] section.

  • [dolmen_1.htm]: A PHP reformater for the PALM
    by Dolmen, May 2001.
    "So it was time for me to build a bot that, at the AvantGo proxy request, will download the original page, extract the info, and give it to AvantGo formatted with a basic layout..."
    part of the [bots] section.

  • [cope_wot.htm]: Reversing to Enhance and Expand (754 engines into the pot)
    by ~S~ WayOutThere, Advanced essay, part of the [bots], and of the [malware] sections.

  • [lexi_lau.htm]: the lexibot essay (600 engines for next to nothing - part TWO - delving deeper)
    by ~S~ Laurent, Advanced essay, part of the [bots], section.

  • [lexi_wot.htm]: the lexibot essay (600 engines for next to nothing - part ONE - first steps)
    by ~S~ WayOutThere, Advanced essay, part of the [bots], section.

  • [perlbot.htm]: HOW TO FOOL SSL DOWNLOAD OBSTACLES (spelunking into https "secure" servers)
    by DigJim, Very Advanced essay
    "Lotta juicy stuff for those that want to 'customize' their contacts with unknown servers"

  • [ima__sea.htm]: Searching an image without knowing its name (wizardry searches)
    by An Argy, March 2001
    part of the [images], section.
    "Maybe we should expect much more effectiveness if we would rely on keywords that represent the "logical" or "semantic" content of the photo than the "visual" description of it"

  • [wf_add.htm]: Adding engines to WebFerret (The guts of a search engines parser)
    by ~S~ Laurent, February 2001
    Advanced, part of the [bots], section
    "An incredible deed. Webferret's own updating protocols reversed."

  • [raijack1]: Gathering News Headlines and Text Classification through Distributed Efforts and Regular Expression Web Templates (The Nature of Late-Breaking News Content and the Internet)
    by rai.jack, January 2001
    part of the [Essays] sections
    "It seems that seeking has finally become a necessity even to the media-fed consciousness of the ever sleeping consumer-zombie NYT readership."

  • [athei_06]: The case for NOT using Microsoft's explorer (The Unbearable Lightness of persistence)
    by A+heist, January 2001
    part of the [Tutti all'opera!], and of the [Essays] sections.
    "Whether this (hidden) information may really be of great value may be debatable, but I wouldn't want anybody (especially low-life forms like marketers) to know what social vice website I view nor my preferred political or religious sites, nor the sites I visit in other countries etcetera"

  • [opera_5.htm]: Some "improving" thoughts on Opera 5, (an horrible commercial oriented "update" of our preferred browser)
    by Woods+ock and Beardo, December 2000
    part of the [Tutti all'Opera] and of the [our essays] sections.

  • [comiixii.htm]: How to make Opera v4.02 usable "People at Opera should be ashamed!"
    by iixii, part of the [Tutti all'Opera] and of the [our essays] sections.

  • Older essays, tools and papers
    Essays, tools and papers about search-related matters

    [ultrae2.htm]: An interesting tool: BRW(32-bit reverse engineering)
    by fravia+
    May 1997

    [mammop5.htm]: Customizing Netscape's buttons and menus (Resource editing galore)
    by Mammon_
    September 1997

    [oldiegoo.htm]: Oldies but Goodies A Dos Game CD-check with Sourcer 7
    by FootSteps
    March 1998

    [new_0101.htm]: How to search: The phf exploit
    by +Thor
    April 1998

    [boyd1.htm]: Fravia's copy of G.E.Boyd's E-Mail Servers Listing
    by G.E.Boyd
    June 1998, updated July 1999
    unvaluable list, if you know or learn how to use these beasts. Boyd is a (the :-) famous master accmailer.
    Added in July 1999:
    The importance of Accmail, by fravia+
    [kmart_s1.htm]: More searching tips (Advanced searching)
    by Kmart
    December 1998
    Advanced tips for advanced searchers, if you use these search techniques you can find yourself getting quite a bit of class A, quality info
    [magicfi.htm] : The Art of Guessing
    by .Sozni
    October 1999
    "I can't believe how many hidden sites I have explored just by guessing stuff "
    [snooz.htm]: Snooz metasearch
    by Craig Carey
    January 2000
    Look at the source, luke!
    [bonedi1.htm]: Uncommon sense will increase your privacy; common sense will just make you common.
    by Bone Digger
    February 2000
    Fundamental reading for anonymity concerned.
    [crackzs1.htm]: Searching for a (very important) program: Softice
    by Crackz
    February 2000
    Fundamental reading for software reversers.
    [spiderja.htm]: A Tale of the Spider in a Jar
    by Servo
    February 2000
    Fundamental reading for searchers, seekers and spider experts.
    [rumstea1.htm]: GetRight lores
    by Rumsteack
    February 2000
    Avoid "pandora boxes" and gather hidden links the GetRight way...
    [tsecoper.htm]: Copernic 4.1 reversing ~  "If Unregistered then ads"
    by +Tsehp
    February 2000
    A small nice step against ugly "Eyeball grasping"...
    [learmp31.htm]: Getting da mp3 beef
    by TheLearner_
    February 2000
    Could indeed be of some use for all kind of searches - not only in order to find mp3 files
    [evillin.htm]: Evil nicks that people use on the net
    by eidan yoson
    March 2000
    There are some stalking lessons to be drawn from this essay... part reality cracking, part anonymity lore: a strange little essay between all the various "lores"
    [realicra/virtualga.htm]: Truth Searching: the Chechnya example
    by -IPFreely
    March 2000
    A good reality cracking ~ propaganda countering ~ seeking lores essay
    [lucksea1.htm]: How luck works with searching
    by event=horizon
    April 2000
    "With time there comes a "feeling" for seeing minor details. And then there comes the intuition behind it"
    [scan_php.htm]: a php network security scanner
    by Devergranne
    May 2000
    "While you can forget about cgi's for security reasons, many trust php to be a more secure language. In fact it is not."
    [son_33_1.htm]: Javascript obscure conversion
    by sonofsamiam
    May 2000
    "various ip-obfuscation functions by sonofsamiam"
    [teport_2.htm]: Teleport Pro 1.29, malware galore
    by Faulpelz
    May 2000
    "The importance of this essay does not lie in the detail I discovered, but in the typical problem you have nowadays, everytime you conntect to the internet: You'll never know what happens in the background... (and this applies to each Software/Process that is running on your windoze System)"
    [badlywri.htm]: What search engines don't index and why
    by Rumsteack
    May 2000 "useful for people who don't know the problems the search engines encounter when indexing web sites"
    You'll quickly understand how useful the robots.txt file can be :-)
    [c_fourth.htm]: Spelunking altavista's acronyms
    by ~S~ Humphrey P., Gregor Samsa & Iefaf
    June 2000
    A fundamental 'search engines reversing' classroom. (For advanced seekers).
    [hump_man.htm]: Getting a list of ALL the IPs that are hosted at the -say- Isle of Man
    by ~S~ Humphrey P.
    June 2000 "I thought there would be less government with little places"
    there's more than one DNS lookup :-)
    (For advanced seekers).
    [bg_weird.htm]: The weird ways of searching and the weird findings
    by ~S~ Svd.
    June 2000 "those that do speak another language do not only say "differently" the same things they see in a different way the world and the time around them as well."
    (For advanced seekers).
    [rums_01.htm]: Getting the SIZE of the search engines
    by Rumsteack
    July 2000 "Each search engine can be "reversed" differently. It's up to you to find the "magic queries"!!"
    (path opening).
    [sonof_01.htm]: Feed the search engines with synonyms
    by sonofsamiam
    July 2000 "broaden your search results by using synonyms for words you are unsure about"
    (For advanced seekers).
    [scrbug.htm]: Looking behind the curtains of server side scripts
    by DQ, August 2000
    "ways to retrieve sources of ASP & PHP scripts"
    (For advanced seekers).
    [scan_reb.htm]: A simple REBOL scanner
    by -Sp!ke, September 2000
    "ways to retrieve hidden files, pages, zips, images"
    (For curious seekers).
    [impo_web.htm]: The importance of Webrings for combing purposes
    by Lorenzo Gatti, October 2000
    "This leaves webrings to motivated people, likely to offer good contents (if not, they wouldn't put themselves on display) and likely to cluster sites in the appropriate rings for their topics (often there are mailing lists etc. behind a webring)"

    Fravia's own lessons
    [Quite old stuff, now obsolete, see my recent workshops (2000-2001) or my 're-ranking' trilogy (in fieri - 2002) instead]

    redlesson_5 ~ General use of agora, http:// retrieving ~ July 1996
    redlesson_6 ~ Ftping files, agora queries and emailing altavista ~ December 1996
    redlesson_7 ~ W3gate, search spiders, error messages and evaluation of results ~ March 1997
    redlesson_8 ~ Advanced searching techniques (combing and klebing) ~ November 1997
    redlesson_9 ~ Searching effectively ~ Site monitoring ~ January 1998
    redlesson_10 ~ Let the bots search for you ~ and build your own search-bots :-) ~ June 1998

    Robin Hood's lessons
    Well, from the dark webwoods of Sherwood, all of a sudden, Robin Hood has sent me three 'promising' how to search lessons that you should by all means read (and head). I'm very happy that good searchers start to contribute to this section, and hope that many other searchers and stalkers will add their own findings. In fact effectively web searching means to master techniques that are far from obvious and that anyone seriously intentioned in reversing should master. So I'm very happy to host here these "how to search" redlessons and stratagems by Robin hood.
    In fact, believe it or not, on the Web ther are some 'rangers' like in Tollkien's books, people that are neither proper hackers nor crackers, but that know how to fetch what they want, if needs be. Robin Hood seems to be one of them and I'm glad that he decided to start helping us.

    Surreal5's lessons
    Well, Surreal5's lessons (and his introduction) that you'll find [here], are IMO very important for their "approaches" and because of the techniques they deal with. Their specific subjects - basically how to find warez - are not so important. Nevertheless, since warez ARE on the web (much too much, IMO) why shouldn't you learn how to find them?

    This is what Surreal5 wrote t me:

    I've tried to organise this (provisorial) essay so, that both beginners and advanced users can get something out of each lesson, and can almost directly use it. Even if you are already an expert on how to find the example types i used, you may get something out of it, a different perspective, something you hadn't thought of. I like Robin Hoods tutorial, he has a broader experience than i do, but i feel my lessons give faster results, with less effort spent on learning boolean ,and other tool specifics. Consider this a crash course if you will. Consider it a preliminary to Robin Hoods tutorial. Consider it an alternative view from a lazy guy who wants results fast ;)

    Methodolgically ('Nethodologically'? :-) Surreal5's documents are very important essays. I have tried myself some of his tips... for instance, if you need to navigate and find goodies inside huge 'messy' sites (like mine :-) you just add/update the relevant starting urls to a couple of quick (and reliable) search engines and let their robots do all the work for you!
    Alternatively, I may add, I found these lessons, re-reading them in the new Millennium, of significant "general" importance, as I write (in February 2000) re-introducing them [here].

    Cassandra's search engines
    No good 'how to search' section would make any sense without some good 'homemade' search engines... of course you can always learn how to use better the main ones, for instance on my own redsearch redengines pages, yet there is another interesting solution by Cassandra, here it is:

    Here you have Cassandra's redstalker
    and here you have Cassandra's redfetcher

    They are still in a experimental phase, so bear with us and let's hope that cassandra will send some updates

    This is what Cassandra wrote to me:
    I have divided my work in two parts : the Fetcher and the Stalker.
    The Fetcher provides an easy-to-use access to various search engines:
      Altavista, Yahoo, HotBot, Lycos, Infoseek, webcrawler, Dogpile, FTP
    search, ASK SINA (an ftpsearch-like with a database containing records of
    germany sites, mostly), Northern Light Search (recommanded by US army,
    although it's not supposed to mean anything), Goto (formerly WWW Worm).
    The stalker provides gateways to finger and whois, along with the 'dejanews
    search filter' without all the ugly grafix. It's not really developped, for
    stalking matter is related to the country your prey lives in.
    btw, Fetcher uses frames (yes, frames!), but in a clever way : you'r never
    jailed in a small portion of your browser window. If used sparingly, frames
    can be useful.
    Of couse, each one might grow with engines or stalking services. But i'll
    develop it only if you or someone else you could give it to is interested
    and find it worth growing.
    Well, I hope that this 'search engines' form approach will be developed too. I'm sure my readers will immediately understand the practicality and the convenience of having some single, well tuned, search engine forms, without having to use the awful commercial entrances, delayed by all the crap advertisement they put on (as if they would not gather enough money and power just LOOKING at what people search :-(

    The_Seeker's "Accmail update"

    [Available lessons]

    You'll find quite a treasure [here]

    Fiat Lux "Common knowledge tips"

    [Secure surfing info]

    You'll find a wealth of knowledge [here]


    The web grows, the main search engines, while indexing only a small part of Internet, do indeed add to their indexes more and more stuff... and we are submerged with waves of commercial crap everytime we use them. Thus the need of 're-ranking' the results we get. There are various approaches, as you will see. I have worked on this, while preparing a new cycle of conferences: "Advanced searching: how to find webdiamonds among the commercial Sargassos"
    If your university is located in a nice gastronomical habitat, by all means invite me
    • [yoyo1.htm]: The yo-yo approach by fravia+ (Tackling the 'down yonder' problem: a discussion about search engines' "depth"), part one of the re-ranking trilogy

    • [synecdoc.htm]: The synecdochical searching method by fravia+ (substituting a part for the whole when searching), part two of the re-ranking trilogy

    • [epanalep.htm]: The epanaleptical approach (and other fuzzy searching tricks), by fravia+, part three of the re-ranking trilogy

    This stuff is in fieri, duh

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